Who we are

When the world still seemed big and the sky was still new territory for the cargo industry, LUG "Luftfracht Umschlag GmbH" was born. That was 1966. Since then, we have not only established ourselves as an independent service provider, but also enjoy a fantastic reputation around the world.


This spurs us on and encourages us never to be satisfied. We are constantly looking for new ways to optimise processes and increase customer satisfaction even further. To do this, we not only look to the skies, but also at IT, business processes and, above all, into the eyes of our employees and business partners.


For us, doing business fairly and in a trustworthy manner is just as important as having state-of-the-art technology. Since our foundation in 1966, the world has become smaller and therefore faster. At LUG, we are also keen to keep moving forwards.


LUG building in Frankfurt - changing over the course of time


We think outside the box