Innovative solutions

Door management system

LUG has been using a door management system with time slot management since 2015.
Experience using a similar system in the past has shown that it can only function efficiently and for everyone concerned if 100% of traffic is processed through the system. As of 15 May 2018, we have therefore introduced a mandatory slot-booking system for all deliveries and collections at LUG in Frankfurt. Since this date, only vehicles that have agreed a corresponding loading or unloading slot online via the door management system of the FAIR@Link module from Dakosy are allowed onto the ramps. Drivers without an agreed slot must register at a terminal on site. However, it is not possible to guarantee that a slot will be available around that time.

In order to ensure timely processing, the shipping company must make the following preparations in advance:

  • Complete and correct data transmission
  • Physically correct loading in the case of deliveries
  • A means of transport that corresponds to the registration and is functional and secure

Should these preparations not have been adequately completed, we cannot unfortunately guarantee that processing – in the sense of the entire system – can take place and must reserve the right to refuse admission. In order to use the door management system, registration with the company Dakosy is required – even for the free version. If you have not yet registered, please send an email to the following email address as soon as possible for further information regarding access options:
Further information is available at the following link:


Materials storage

We have established a structured and innovative materials storage system that enables us to organise and transparently manage both our own consumables and our customers' materials, such as belts and loops. This means that our customers are able to query the stock levels of their materials directly in the storage management system and thus enjoy more flexibility when planning.

Empty container storage

In order to offer our customers optimum, IATA-compliant storage of their LD containers, we have established an empty container storage facility that runs on rails and ball bearings in the hall. This storage facility has capacity for up to 600 empty LD3 containers. It is possible to retrieve containers at any time – they are delivered promptly via a lift.

Own workshop (GSE shop)

With our own workshop, equipped to the highest standard, and our equally adept employees, we are able to carry out maintenance and repairs on industrial trucks and equipment quickly and flexibly. This helps us to keep moving.

Battery charging station

With our state-of-the-art battery charging station, we are making a significant contribution to efforts to reduce CO². It is only possible to disconnect once the batteries are fully charged. In this way, we are ensuring a longer service life, saving energy and helping to protect the environment.

Valuable cargo

We are the only handling agent in CargoCity Süd to offer a high-security valuable cargo centre (VAC).  Your valuable cargo is processed and stored securely in this 800 sqm facility.


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