When it comes to perishable logistics, the Perishable Center in Frankfurt is one of the most advanced air cargo handling centres in the world. Whether it's meat, fish, vegetables, flowers or pharmaceuticals, all types of goods are expertly stored here at temperatures of -25°C to +25°C as appropriate.

As one of the companies participating in the Perishable Center, LUG is able to offer customers a logistics warehouse at Frankfurt Airport that is ideal as an interface for the Europe-wide transportation of perishable goods.

From apron-side clearance and goods control by the veterinary office to the rapid provision of goods, all services guaranteeing absolute freshness are offered in this 9000 sqm-center.
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Managing Director
Mr. Rainer Wittenfeld
Phone: +49 69 69502 233
Fax: +49 69 69502 245


Reliable handling of perishables.

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